My Heart

My Heart

My heart is a weapon of mass destruction
Prideful, Cold, and full of Corruption.
An arsenal of pain
Distorted Confusion
Explosions within
Like atomic illusions.
My heart was enslaved
To such massive Breakage;
So I fortified a wall
To settle the quakage.
An unbreakable castle
Lacking an entrance.
Other hearts in my path
Are now objects of vengence.
No burdens, No worries,
No cares and No fears.
No delusions of sympathy
I’ll shed blood before tears.
Hate is my love
And life is my death.
No conscience within
This heart in my chest.
I follow my mind,
My soul is my guide.
Though damned they might be
I still have my pride.
Consider me cocky
Maybe assume that I’m rude.
But my heart is a fortress
And no bitch can intrude.
Solitude is a strategy
Battle field of my mind
There is not a beat
In this temple
My Shrine.
Your shame is your weakness
From the hate you placed inside;
And my heart will hold this grudge
Until my pain is satisfied.

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The Apocalypse of my soul is an Alabaster Goddess
With celestial spheres of blue-gray eyes
as infinite as Azure sky;
and hair as black as a raven’s iris
Soaring blissfully into a netherworld of Insanity…

To Thine Own Self Be True;
I say thy self is true perfection
And Angel a felicitous name
for a flawless creature such as thee…

The apex of omnific expression,
a pinnacle of poetry written in flesh
to be a reminder to us mere mortals
who would dare dream of heaven
that Divinity walks among us
as close as we
shall ever be…

Thy laughter could inspire symphonys
thy smile eclipse the sun
and a single tear
upon thy porcelain cheek
the stars to wail with grief
and forsake their lofty towers
in their palaces amongst the gods…

Thine ivory skin is a transparent reflection
of the effervescent radiance within thy Being;
Pure as translucent lakes
upon the surface of the moon;
and perhaps as unreachable still…

Into the abyss of twin pools
eternal and serene as artesian springs
and deep as the sea of tranquility
i drown my soul in rapture..

Whomever thou mayest truely be
I shall remain and take my Solace
within the everlasting Light of thine eyes;
Those insatiable infernal sapphires
that set my soul aflame
as at first i met thy gaze
and forgot to breathe…

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Memories of Madness

Malice echoes through the chambers
The voice of blasphemy in my head
Venom flowing through my veins
Vision a vindictive shade of red.
I want to shatter the skin that binds me
With a violent explosion from within.
The mordacity of an implosion
As I introspect this madness again.

Oblivion is the goal of addiction
The virulent elixer coats my soul.
With forty units of crucifixion
I shall destroy this wretched mold.
Fly high on the wings of angels
And escape this cage of lies.
Enter a prison of self delusion
As ether dilates mine eyes.

I can hear the whistle blowing
Still I’m waiting for the crash.
Reality biting beneath the surface
Enjoy the numbness while it lasts.

The epitaph of an erosion
Mnemonic orchids in my ear.
Reminding me of toxic potions
Mixed with my own impetuous tears.
An emotional roller coaster;
Welding rails with liquid flame.
Fabricating my own destruction
Pretending life is just a game.

So i crawl into the demon’s skull
And whisper to his mind;
Powdered freedom’s never free to see
But it’s never hard to find;
so forget the confused contusions
Come on,
Let’s take another ride!
Into a catacomb called Neverland
Where you don’t have to feel the pain
Of your own pernicious wasted life
Flowing down the drain.

I face resistance for an instant
Yet we both know he’ll take the bait.
So I wait patiently for the bite
Into the flesh that seals our fate.
Feel the heat rise in my throat
Yes now I know that i can breathe.
Thanks again Mr. Possession
For giving me just what I need
To be Free
To be You…

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So here you are again,
In my heart and on my mind.
What dammage will you do
Before you decide to leave this time?
Perhaps you’ll shatter my soul again,
Scatter the pieces for another;
So that I may break her heart into
And make atonement for what you ruptured.
I hear that time will heal all wounds,
Though maybe you didn’t know.
So you return to rip me apart at the surface
And dig your nails into my soul.
You hold my heart
clenched in your fist
And just when I think I’m free,
Again you crash into my life
And tell me that you love me.
And like a fool
again I fall
Into those fragile eyes.
To drown in pools
Like waterfalls
That wash away my skies.
And bathe my world
in a love so pure
That rapture is my life.
Yet still I wait
As you decide the fate
Of when to flee this cage of lies…

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What is it that wishes
To pour forth from my core?
I stand waiting at the threshold
Of a locked transparent door.
See the reflection of my diary
Disconnected from it’s source;
And somehow don’t even know
What it is I’m waiting for.

Yet as I stare into the projection
The earth shifts beneath my feet.
Constricted feeling in my abdomen
And a tremble in my knees.

The door opens into illusion
And my heart begins to freeze;
As I try to escape the echos
Of seething voices in the breeze.

Calling me into a chapter
Just a whisper above a breath.
Turning pages in my memory
to find the codex that I left.
Transcribed upon the surface
Bleeding fabric of my psych;.
Mnemonic rhtyhm of insanity,
Vibrational frequency of my life…


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Another broken promise
Another lost and lonely tear,
Traveling gently down your cheek
It seems we’ve been this way for years.

Another moment’s pleasure
Ends in another night of hell.
Smoldering embers of your love
Drenched in a downpour of betrayal.

The pain within your soul
Glistens softly in your eyes.
Those tears are worse than anger
But it’s too late to recognize.

I brush my thumb across your cheek
To erase the testament of your pain.
Lower my head to kiss your mouth
And on your lips it still remains.

I take you in my arms
Cause I don’t know what else to say.
Thinking maybe if I can touch that place
I can make it go away.

Yet even as you pull me close
And accept all I have to give,
I see it’s more for you than me;
just an escape that’s transitive.

I know now that roses wither
And some thorns are part of life.
Yet nothing prepared me for the way
You pricked my soul tonight.

As i lie here in your loving arms
Thinking we can make it through;
The words that drip
From those venomous lips
Is “Baby I have secrets too.”
We all cheat…

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Tears of a Prisoner

The tears of a prisoner
fall freely as rain.
God’s tears from above
as He shares in my pain.
The life I once lived
Now reduced to blank memories.
My heart is so deep
Yet my soul remains empty…

Where do I belong?
Where can I possibly fit in?
When life is so wretchedly
Darkened with sin.
If given the chance
Where will I begin?
Processing emotions
With this paper and pen.
Expressing my thoughts,
Hopes and prayers from within.
An orchestrated symphony
With no violin…

The tears of a prisoner
Are shared with close friends.
Through letters to home
Of hearts changed from within.
I’ve tried to forget
Yet my past still remains.
Every bump in the road
Another lesson in pain.

The tears of a prisoner,
So bitter and warm,
Roll gently down my cheeks
As my world remains torn.
Sometimes we take risks
Without realizing the costs.
My risk is my sin
And now my life is my loss…

As the tides rise and fall
Yet fail to reach the sands;
These are the tears of a prisoner
Without a shoulder to land…

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