So here you are again,
In my heart and on my mind.
What dammage will you do
Before you decide to leave this time?
Perhaps you’ll shatter my soul again,
Scatter the pieces for another;
So that I may break her heart into
And make atonement for what you ruptured.
I hear that time will heal all wounds,
Though maybe you didn’t know.
So you return to rip me apart at the surface
And dig your nails into my soul.
You hold my heart
clenched in your fist
And just when I think I’m free,
Again you crash into my life
And tell me that you love me.
And like a fool
again I fall
Into those fragile eyes.
To drown in pools
Like waterfalls
That wash away my skies.
And bathe my world
in a love so pure
That rapture is my life.
Yet still I wait
As you decide the fate
Of when to flee this cage of lies…


About prometheus360

searching for myself in a wasteland of illusions, bleeding my life through a pen to fertilize the landscape of my chaotic mind. whatever i find, whatever i see, whatever i feel, i shall bind to my soul for eternity.
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