What is it that wishes
To pour forth from my core?
I stand waiting at the threshold
Of a locked transparent door.
See the reflection of my diary
Disconnected from it’s source;
And somehow don’t even know
What it is I’m waiting for.

Yet as I stare into the projection
The earth shifts beneath my feet.
Constricted feeling in my abdomen
And a tremble in my knees.

The door opens into illusion
And my heart begins to freeze;
As I try to escape the echos
Of seething voices in the breeze.

Calling me into a chapter
Just a whisper above a breath.
Turning pages in my memory
to find the codex that I left.
Transcribed upon the surface
Bleeding fabric of my psych;.
Mnemonic rhtyhm of insanity,
Vibrational frequency of my life…



About prometheus360

searching for myself in a wasteland of illusions, bleeding my life through a pen to fertilize the landscape of my chaotic mind. whatever i find, whatever i see, whatever i feel, i shall bind to my soul for eternity.
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