The Write Road

So many roads I’ve traveled,
just searching for my place.
Broken hearts and tarnished dreams
and shattered lives along the way..
So many broken promises,
tears fallen like the rain.
Chasing phantoms of love and laughter;
still all i’ve found is pain.

So many paths
From which to choose,
Have i the courage to be afraid?
Forsake the path of least resistance
and journey on my lonely way.
Blazing highways paved in frailties
to resurrect the life that I’ve profaned.

And still there’s many roads to travel,
many more wrongs to mend.
If I’m fighting a losing battle,
Who’s to say every loss is no-win?
I refuse to be a victim,
lamenting these struggles and sins.
Pulsating a hidden path to freedom,
bleeding my life through the tip of a pen.
From the heartbeat of
the poet’s hand
through the eyes of his lovers and friends.
My soul spills from the page
to fill a bottomless vase
I’m not drowning
I’m learning to swim…


About prometheus360

searching for myself in a wasteland of illusions, bleeding my life through a pen to fertilize the landscape of my chaotic mind. whatever i find, whatever i see, whatever i feel, i shall bind to my soul for eternity.
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