The Apocalypse of my soul is an Alabaster Goddess
With celestial spheres of blue-gray eyes
as infinite as Azure sky;
and hair as black as a raven’s iris
Soaring blissfully into a netherworld of Insanity…

To Thine Own Self Be True;
I say thy self is true perfection
And Angel a felicitous name
for a flawless creature such as thee…

The apex of omnific expression,
a pinnacle of poetry written in flesh
to be a reminder to us mere mortals
who would dare dream of heaven
that Divinity walks among us
as close as we
shall ever be…

Thy laughter could inspire symphonys
thy smile eclipse the sun
and a single tear
upon thy porcelain cheek
the stars to wail with grief
and forsake their lofty towers
in their palaces amongst the gods…

Thine ivory skin is a transparent reflection
of the effervescent radiance within thy Being;
Pure as translucent lakes
upon the surface of the moon;
and perhaps as unreachable still…

Into the abyss of twin pools
eternal and serene as artesian springs
and deep as the sea of tranquility
i drown my soul in rapture..

Whomever thou mayest truely be
I shall remain and take my Solace
within the everlasting Light of thine eyes;
Those insatiable infernal sapphires
that set my soul aflame
as at first i met thy gaze
and forgot to breathe…


About prometheus360

searching for myself in a wasteland of illusions, bleeding my life through a pen to fertilize the landscape of my chaotic mind. whatever i find, whatever i see, whatever i feel, i shall bind to my soul for eternity.
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